Ex Came Back After Months Of No Contact (Why & What to Do)

Have you ever had the surprise of your ex reentering your life after months of silence? It can be a whirlwind of emotions – hope, skepticism, uncertainty.

But why do they come back? And what should you do? In this article, we'll explore the reasons behind your ex's return. From guilt and regret to boredom and exploitative intentions, we'll shed light on their motivations.

Understanding these can help you navigate the situation with clarity and make informed decisions. So, if you're facing this unexpected reappearance, read on for guidance on how to handle it.

Key Takeaways

  • Exes may come back after months of no contact due to various reasons such as a lingering soft corner, guilt, boredom, exploitative intentions, jealousy, laziness, or getting a taste of their own medicine.
  • When an ex comes back due to a soft corner, they may experience regret, genuine concern, emotional attachment, reflection on the past, and a desire for a second chance.
  • If an ex comes back because of guilt, they may apologize for past actions, acknowledge their mistakes, show emotional vulnerability, request a second chance, and reflect on their behavior.
  • When an ex returns out of boredom, they may realize that being single is not as fulfilling as they thought, have failed attempts at new relationships, seek temporary resolution, apologize for lack of contact, and need to show more genuineness and effort to rebuild the relationship.
  • Exes who come back with exploitative intentions may be dependent on their ex for emotional, sexual, or financial reasons, realize they can't handle situations alone, desire an easy life, reveal their true colors shortly after reuniting, and may start demanding favors.

Reasons for Your Ex's Return

Your ex may have returned for various reasons.

One possible motivator is jealousy. They might've seen your progress and felt a pang of envy, realizing they still have feelings for you.

Signs of genuine change could also be a reason for their return. Perhaps they've reflected on their past behavior and are now willing to put in the effort to make things right.

It's important to approach this situation with empathy and insight. Consider their intentions and behavior carefully. Are they truly showing remorse and a desire to improve, or are they just seeking emotional, sexual, or financial exploitation?

Pay attention to their actions and words to determine if their return is genuine or not.

Soft Corner Speaking

After reflecting on their past mistakes, your ex may approach you with genuine remorse and a heartfelt desire to rekindle the emotional connection they still feel. This is what we refer to as 'Soft Corner Speaking.'

Your ex experiences regret for leaving you and realizes the value of the soft corner they'd for you. They want to make things right and are willing to put in the effort to rebuild the relationship.

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It's important to explore your emotions and assess whether you're open to giving them a second chance. Rebuilding trust will be a crucial part of moving forward. Remember to communicate openly, set boundaries, and observe their actions to ensure that their intentions are genuine.

Guilt Poking

When it comes to guilt poking, your ex may take the initiative to apologize for their past actions and express genuine remorse. They understand the pain they caused you and want to make amends.

Dealing with guilt is never easy, but it's important to consider their sincerity and willingness to change. Rebuilding trust will require open communication and a commitment to addressing the issues that led to the breakup.

Take the time to assess whether their apology is genuine or just a ploy to manipulate your emotions. Trust your instincts and set clear boundaries moving forward. Remember, you deserve to be with someone who truly values and respects you.

Boredom of Being Alone

If your ex has come back after months of no contact, it could be due to the boredom they experienced from being alone. Coping with loneliness can be emotionally challenging, and your ex may have realized that singlehood isn't as fulfilling as they thought.

Perhaps they made failed attempts at new relationships and found no one worth being with. They may see reconnecting with you as a temporary resolution to their boredom.

It's important to approach this situation with caution and evaluate their intentions. While it's understandable to feel a sense of longing and familiarity, it's essential to ensure that they're genuine and willing to put in the effort to rebuild the relationship.

Take the time to reflect on your own needs and expectations, and communicate openly with your ex to find out if they're truly committed to finding fulfillment with you.

Exploitative Intentions

Your ex may have exploitative intentions, seeking emotional, sexual, or financial gain from reconnecting with you after months of no contact. It's important to be aware of the warning signs and take steps to protect yourself.

Look out for any red flags, such as your ex constantly asking for favors or making demands that benefit them without considering your needs. Trust your instincts and pay attention to their actions.

If you sense that their intentions aren't genuine or that they're using you for their own gain, it's crucial to set boundaries and prioritize your well-being. Remember that you deserve to be treated with respect and care.

Don't hesitate to distance yourself from any situation that feels exploitative or unhealthy.

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Experiencing Regret

After months of no contact, your ex may experience regret for leaving the relationship. They might realize the value of the soft corner they had for you, reflecting on their past behavior and acknowledging their mistakes. It's important to approach this situation with empathy and understanding, as dealing with regret can be a challenging process. Moving forward after regret requires self-reflection and a willingness to learn from past experiences. It's essential to focus on your own growth and well-being, rather than dwelling on what could have been. Take this opportunity to set boundaries and communicate your needs clearly. Remember, you deserve a healthy and fulfilling relationship that is based on mutual respect and genuine effort.

Dealing with Regret Moving Forward after Regret
Reflect on the past and acknowledge mistakes Focus on personal growth and well-being
Set boundaries and communicate needs Learn from past experiences
Practice self-compassion and forgiveness Avoid dwelling on what could have been
Seek support from friends or a therapist Prioritize a healthy and fulfilling relationship
Take time to heal and rebuild trust Embrace new opportunities for happiness

Apologizing for Past Actions

When your ex comes back after months of no contact, apologizing for their past actions can be a crucial step in rebuilding the relationship. It shows that they're willing to take responsibility for their mistakes and make amends.

Here are two key aspects to consider when your ex apologizes:

  1. Rebuilding Trust:
  • Open and honest communication: Your ex needs to be transparent about their past actions and the reasons behind them.
  • Consistency in behavior: It's important for your ex to demonstrate through their actions that they've truly changed and are committed to treating you better.
  1. Moving Forward:
  • Setting boundaries: Discuss and establish clear boundaries to prevent the repetition of past mistakes.
  • Forgiveness and healing: Both you and your ex need to work towards forgiving each other and moving forward together.

Emotional Vulnerability

Experiencing emotional vulnerability is a natural response when your ex comes back after months of no contact. It's completely understandable to feel a mix of emotions such as confusion, fear, and even excitement. Understanding these emotions and how they can impact your decision-making process is crucial.

Take the time to reflect on your feelings and consider the reasons why your ex has returned. Emotional vulnerability can be an opportunity for growth and healing, but it's important to proceed with caution. Rebuilding trust is a key component in moving forward.

Communicate openly with your ex, express your concerns, and set boundaries. Take things slow and prioritize your emotional well-being throughout the process. Remember, you deserve a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

Need for Genuineness and Effort

To ensure a healthy and fulfilling relationship, it's important for you to expect genuineness and effort from your ex when they come back after months of no contact. Rebuilding trust and setting boundaries are crucial steps in this process. Here's what you can do:

  1. Rebuilding trust:
  • Communicate openly: Talk about the reasons for the breakup and the changes you both need to make.
  • Show consistency: Look for consistent actions that align with their words to rebuild trust gradually.
  1. Setting boundaries:
  • Define your needs: Clearly express your expectations and boundaries from the beginning.
  • Take it slow: Allow time to rebuild the relationship and establish a new foundation based on mutual respect.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Should the "No Contact" Period Be Before My Ex Potentially Reaches Out?

During the 'no contact' period, it's important to focus on handling your emotions and healing yourself. Rebuilding trust after months of no contact is possible but requires open communication and patience.

Is It Possible for an Ex to Genuinely Change and Want a Second Chance?

Yes, it is possible for your ex to genuinely change and want a second chance. People can learn from their mistakes and grow. But it's important to evaluate if their change is sincere and if giving them another chance aligns with your own well-being.

What Are Some Signs That My Ex's Return Is Driven by Exploitative Intentions?

Warning signs of exploitative intentions include manipulative behavior, such as demanding favors, using guilt to manipulate you, and revealing their true colors shortly after reuniting. Stay cautious and prioritize your well-being.

How Should I Respond if My Ex Apologizes for Their Past Actions?

When your ex apologizes for their past actions, it's important to take time for yourself and evaluate your feelings. Consider if forgiveness is possible and if you want to continue moving forward with them.

Can a Rekindled Relationship With My Ex After Months of No Contact Be Successful in the Long Term?

Rekindling a relationship after months of no contact requires effort to rebuild trust and improve communication. By addressing past issues and developing strong communication skills, a successful and long-term relationship is possible.


In conclusion, encountering your ex after months of no contact can be a complex and emotional experience. It's important to understand their motivations for returning and evaluate whether it aligns with your own desires and needs. Remember to prioritize your own well-being and make informed decisions about whether to give your ex a second chance or move forward.

Interestingly, a survey conducted among individuals who'd their exes come back after a period of no contact found that 45% chose to give their ex another chance, while 55% decided to move on and focus on their own happiness.

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